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The description of Power Battery
Power Battery is a light, fast and smart battery app that helps you to save battery life and improve battery health. With effective battery saver, fast battery charger and more battery modules, you have control over the battery usage and take good advantage of the limited battery capacity.

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Battery Life Saver
Power Battery quickly scans your mobile, check the power consumption of apps and settings, and save battery for your device effectively.

  • Optimizing app to stop draining the battery with 1 tap;
  • Presenting energy savings suggestions for device setting;
  • Advanced battery saver that effectively stops battery draining apps in the background;
  • Battery saver modes for different power saving needs, easy to switch and customize;
  • Accurate estimating remaining battery time;
  • Showing battery percentage on screen and status bar;
  • Low battery reminder 1: battery low alarm when 40% battery left;
  • Low battery reminder 2: battery saver mode switch alarm when the battery 20%;
  • Support tablet battery: battery saver for android tablets as well.
  • Stops battery draining apps running when charging;
  • Shows battery percentage on screen as well as charge time estimating;
  • Battery charge monitor that detects battery charge level and switches between below modes
  • Speed Mode: fast charging battery when battery below 80%;
  • Continuous Mode: start charging with battery care when battery between 80% and 100%;
  • Trickle Mode: Reduce charging input when battery 100% for battery health.
  • Battery Info Live: battery temperature, voltage, battery capacity(mAh) and more;
  • Battery Usage: the power consumption details on your Android device;

Battery Info – View Battery Status, Battery Log & Battery History
Based on authoritative papers algorithm and accurate battery test, Power Battery discovers and display the key battery information for you to know your battery better, including live battery status, battery log of your battery history charge time. It also generates daily battery report, power-consumption info & power-saving info for you.

More Than a Battery App – Memory Booster, System Junk Cleaner

  • Memory Booster: speed up your Android device;
  • Junk Cleaner: scan and remove system junk;

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Key Features Battery Saver – Battery Doctor :
●One tap save power
●Power monitor
●Battery status
●Smart widgets for convenient using
●Different modes for saving power
●Power consumption information
●Smart reminder for battery health
●Shortcut for phone management

  1. One tap to save power
    When using Android phone for a while, background apps will occupy phone memory and cause lag of phone. Battery Saver – Battery Doctor is a good helper for you to smooth your phone. Clean background app in just one tap, release memory and speed up in seconds.
  2. Accurately evaluate remaining time
    Detect the status of phone and accurately evaluate the remaining time in different usages, such as music playing, video playing and GPS.
  3. Real-time battery status
    Battery Saver – Battery Doctor can show you the current temperature of battery, voltage, and quantity.
  4. Battery performance test
    Deep performance test for adjusting self discharge of your battery and add over-current protection for avoiding high voltage.
  5. Smart shortcuts
    Battery Saver – Battery Doctor enables you to add shortcuts to desktop, more convenient to turn on/off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.
  6. Smart power saver
    ★ Default mode: Record current phone status and tell you how to optimize phone.
    ★ General mode: Lower screen brightness. Turn off functions which are not frequently used, such as Bluetooth, GPS.
    ★ Strict mode: Messages and calls are still reachable. Shorten the time of screen brightness.
    ★ Extreme mode: For extending standby, your phone will be switched to airplane mode. Shorten the time of screen brightness and lower screen brightness, turning off animation effect.
    ★ Custom Mode: You can customize your own mode as needed, then save it for more convenient to use.
  7. Consumption information
    Powerful Battery Saver – Battery Doctor smartly detect the the consumption of apps and remind you to close the battery draining apps.
  8. Smart reminder
    ★ Low power warning
    If your phone power lower than 20%, Battery Saver – Battery Doctor will remind you to charge.
    ★ High temperature warning
    If your phone temperature higher than 42℃,Battery Saver – Battery Doctor will remind you to rest your phone. Easy to avoid battery problems.
    ★ Charging reminder
    Battery Saver – Battery Doctor accurately monitors charging status. When fully charged, it will remind you to disconnect the charger from the phone.
  9. Shortcut for power saving
    Battery Saver – Battery Doctor enables you to add shortcuts to desktop. Save power in just on tap, more convenient to clean junk file and cache. Your phone will always keep the best status.

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